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Another 1.5 today which started out with airspeed, manifold pressure, and RPM change at altitude with no real problems. We then moved on to some more turning which is quite simple and then to autorotation entry. Then we migrated south towards the border and swung east to a mountain pad where I was shown the procedure for a mountain pad landing at a power pole site. After that it was on to hovering.


So like I said the first part was fairly simple, turn left, turn right stuff, very easy... The autorotation demonstration was lots of fun and im to the point where I was entering the auto totally unassisted. The mountain pad completely reassured me that flying helicopters is where I belong... hands down. Then off to another auto where it was demonstrated that one can actually completely stop, and in fact go backwards, then continue on the auto. SO much fun! Next was some hovering in wind, 15G20 at times, where I again was shown the effect of the varios controls as we turn in wind and did a decent job of keeping it steady befor finally heading back to the hangar.


Monday's more new stuff including takeoffs and landings.



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Awsome day today! Got to the hangar for 0800, the other student had the first flight which put me airside a few minutes passed 1030.


We lifted off and departed to the south with an immediate east turn (strong winds from the south and we're only a few hundred feet from the border) and a climb out to 4000 headed north up the valley and did some turns and more power changes. Then we cut into a little valley where I was to maintain altitude and airspeed over a few different updrafts. The 300 had an easy time through all that so we pushed on to the airport.


As I expected the power was chopped inbound and so I had to do some S turns but put myself about 20 feet short of where I wanted to be but straight down the pipe. Then on to hovering. After hovering in some interesting winds and being able to keep er fairly steady we went into the takeoff and landing side of things... much more interesting then I anticipated but I got the hang of it after a try or two and though I may not be able to grease it on as smothe as I want just yet I was quite happy with the outcome of the flight.


Can you tell im enjoying this? They say I can even get PAID to do this!


Cole B)

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Wow... I've never really stopped to think about how long Ive been here haha.


Another awsome day today! Started off with some turns and climbing/descending turns then transitioned back to the airport where the power was chopped into an auto, still getting used to such high angles of bank so low to the ground. Once there we did all sorts of hovering and tonnes of takeoffs and landings and I landed on the forestry pad at the airport with little or no problems.


After that "Wendy" demonstrated sloped landings and explained them fairly thouroughly and took me to a smaller hill to let me try my hands with it. After that we picked up and went back to the piano keys on 15 and did some hover excersizes including hovering around a point and latteral hovering. After more landings and takeoffs we left the airport with an auto on the way out and some more hovering and then back to the hangar.


All in all another good day!

Hopefully more flying tomorrow, some weather and an old student doing a flight test are likely to congest things but I dont mind getting more studying done at all.



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So I havent updated in a few days as a former student was in town to do his flight test and I took the oppertunity to head back to penticton and surprise my dad on his 50th birthday.


That aside, back in the seat today. For the first time Wendell had his hands completely off the controls as I brought it up nice and smoothe bearpaws first then right skid then left up into the hover, c of g felt good, RPM was in the green with 21.5 inches MP, then a right pedal turn to leave the hangar and we took up our normal departure out over the river.


Once we hit 3000 we did a 360 each direction at 30* bank and then headed to cross mid field and joined a right downwind for runway 33. We did a few circuits at this point and then some hovering/taxiing autos and on to full on autos followed shortly by 180 autos.


All this was topped off by the approch to the hangar unassisted... which lead to us pulling the pin on the first one as I didnt have the disc loaded and was a bit high so we went around and the second one was bang on the money. Put her down nice and gently left right and back nice and gently and proceeded with the shutdown.


Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!


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Havent posted in a few days because, well, Ive been busy haha. Lots of studying getting done, probably 3 weeks until I have the required hours, but I will probably be doing the written exam around Christmas time because Ill be back near Kelowna anyway.


On the flying side of things this week brought many many autorotations and various approaches. Yesterday we started did some instrument work and then today we started in on confined areas with more instrument time split in there.


Confined areas are a riot all on there own. High recce, low recce and finally the landing, Ive been working on every aspect of my flying really trying to build up alot of skills to pull from. I really enjoy the landings that you hardly feel or those rock solid lift offs to the hover. Im really enjoying the training Im getting here and couldnt be happier with the results.


The next few flights will most likely be more confined areas and building the knowledge that goes with them along with the procedures for various different areas.


Ive been looking around for the right school or company to go to about an R44 endorsement as I have a few companies in mind who seem to make a habbit of hiring low time pilots to fly them.


Next on my list is renewing my first aid and looking in to some other courses that could be usefull to employers.




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