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Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!


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Hey Cole!!!


Just wanted to say Congratulations on your flight test!!!


You training blog has been an ongoing inspiration to me, while I wait to start my training this coming fall.


All the best to you in job hunting now.


Keep us posted on the completion of your training and your job hunt!


Cheers and fly safe!!!



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Will do paul, and thanks for posting, sorry I couldn't keep you on the edge of your seat every day but I will keep you posted on the job hunt.


With any luck the first CP I meet after I finish my training will be this friday.




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Alright!, so friday at about 1530 I Finished the last 1.9 in GKVH, our BIII.


The last 12 hours were spent in and out of confined areas, longlining with both the empty hook, many, many emergencies, and my personal favorite, possibly the highest stress I have ever been under in an aircraft...



Wendell's truck, Wendell's quad, Wendell's Helicopter.


Although surprisingly easier then I expected it to be, I wouldn't call it at all easy by any stretch of the imagination. I've found even more respect for precision longlining.




Now for the hard part! This week I'm back in Penticton renewing my first aid and some other peripherals befor heading out to find that first job.


Thanks again to everyone whos helped me out along the way, I'm looking forward to working with some of you in the very near future.



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Congrats once again Cole, It's been a pleasure to read your blog, brought back memories of my own training (wow I'm starting to sound like a old guy).


Best of luck in your career, tho I'm sure you will go as far as you want to, The world is your oyster, (insert some more inspirational quotes here haha) I know you will do very well in this industry, Good Luck on the next part of the adventure.




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