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Kick The Tires And Light The Fires!


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Congratulations Cole!


Believe it or not they easy part is done now (getting your license and finding a job)!!!

Now the real learning begins, Try not to make all the classic rooky mistakes yourself, learn off others and try to never make the same mistake twice. Second time around, usualy your luck already ran out!!! Like all of us, You are starting out with a big box of luck, try not to use it all up in the first years, you might need some of that luck later down the road!!!


Fly safe, work hard, play hard and most importanly of all go have fun and learn a new profession!


Keep the blue side up



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i have to admit, you got me with that post too, grasshopper... i didn't reply to it because i was too PO'd!!! the crease in my forehead is where i walked into that one!!!


major congrats to you, cole... all the best in your future and you better duck once TQN reads that and thinks you were giving up!!! :punk: :lol: :lol:

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Nope. :) I saw Cole's "I give up" :shock: post a day or two ago. My first thought: "Why, I'm gonna go to Penticton (sp?) and box his ears!" My second thought: "That don't sound like Cole...not now...not already...pffft!" Now I know why!


You little sandbagger, Cole! :P You and the folks should be very proud; you've accomplished what is clearly not an easy thing to do. I've no doubt you'll continue to serve as an inspiration here to others looking to get their foot in the door...it is possible! Mucho congrats on landing a gig with VIH! Good luck and keep learnin' daily...playin' with the Big Boys now! ;)


It's just very awesome! B)

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Mattg, I got your PM last week and thought I'd already sent one back at ya, I guess I haven't, I'm on the way out the door right now but when I get back I'll fill you in.


Thanks everyone for the congrat's.


I really didn't mean for that little gag to go so far (to the point where I signed on to MSN and was absolutely bombarded with irate helicopter pilots haha), and I'm sorry that it did.


I still can't get the smile off my face... Not that I ever want to.


I'll keep everyone filled in on the road to flying.


-A note to lowtime guys who are still without a job-


DO NOT give up, EVER. As of last sunday I had no idea this was going to happen.


Keep the rotors on top!


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Aw man, now I gotta unpack my suitcase. Had a bus ticket and everything set up to come out there and give you a kick in the *** hard enough to make both your feet leave the ground! Polished my 5 lb steel-toed boots for nothing. :stupid:


Nice to see you made it Cole, welcome to the famliy buddy.

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Congrats, Cole, now it's serious business !


And when you seat behind a cyclic, never forget that: Love your machine, NEVER abuse it !

It will give you all that love back the day you most need it...


An AME that wishes you the very best.

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