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Labrador Heli Crash

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Brutal. The pilot of the other helicopter must be devastated.


Yet another reason we should all be more vigilant in our use of the radios.


I spent two weeks flying out of Makkovik, just 20 nm to the east and flying by Postville two to three times daily. Postville, Makkovik and a few other airports on the coast are all on the same freq (122,9 if memory serves). There didn't seem to be clear consensus among pilots at the time as to where one should switch from 126,7 to the aerodrome freq. I know, I know usually 5 minutes prior to entering the zone, but some guys seemed to only have one VHF and stayed on 126,7 until short final, others stayed on the MF at all times and didn't report on 126,7 at all, even when they were flying further than 5 nm out from the airport, and some guys seemed to neglect their calls all together... :down: I always had ears on both frequencies just in case. On more than one occasion I had conflicting traffic come out of nowhere on me in that area.


The point is, if you were flying anywhere near the warf, you really had to be vigilant of traffic coming in from the south, from the airport and even from the sawmill to the west, with no assurance of calls being made on the appropriate frequency. I always made a big arc around the area to avoid it. If the ceiling permitted it, I'd fly over at 2.5 or so.

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Another tragic loss.


The pilot was a friend to many of us not only here in Newfoundland but in the rotorwing world globally.


The name should be released shortly. Lets wait until the proper authorites release it before we do;


see link.





BTW....the moderators are here!

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Knew Ken many 'moons' ago before he was flying and was working the radios for the Universal/Okanagan offshore combo. Great guy and a pleasure to know. If he was half the pilot as the Ken Steele I knew back in '75 then he was a good one. I'll await the details of his accident with more than passing interest. ****** that's sad. :(

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