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Any Airborne Energy Grads Out There?


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I was wondering if there was anyone out there who went through their training with AES, and if so what you thought of it. Im looking to do the conversion and AES is one of the schools on my short list.


Thanks for any input anyone might have about the company or their affiliated school.



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It's difficult for any graduate of any school's CPL program to recall much bad to say about that school, much less compare that program to another school's.


I think that most of us Airborne grads are very happy with the environment of learning we were brought up in and I believe the vast majority of Airborne grads are now working in the industry.


I will mention that the Kelowna school's (www.airborneflighttraining.com) is steadfast about keeping the operation relatively small in order to be choosey about it's student selection and subsequent graduate skill level. John has issues with those programs perceived to be 'puppy mills'.



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