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R22 Down Out West!

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Not real clear on this...The report I read on the banner page of this site indicated that TSB told reporters the training helicopter appeared to be come down on a bad angle....Then went on to say the licensed pilot did not have a lot of experience with just over 200 hours.... Who was being trained, the licensed pilot or was he/she doing the training? (No sharp objects my way now..) In any event.... Is a 200 hour pilot qualified to train???? No radio contact with harbor would seem to indicate...HUmmmm...NOPE! :wacko:


Very glad to hear no one was seriously injured...including people on the ground. If memory serves, that area is somewhat populated.

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CANDORS Updated report


User Name: Samson, Donna

Date: 2007/10/11

Further Action Required: No

O.P.I.: General Aviation

Narrative: A report from another helicopter indicated that a helicopter he believed to be the privately-registered Robinson R22, VFR origin/destination unknown, was on its side at the Auto Mall area on the North Shore of Vancouver. There was no contact with Harbour Tower by this aircraft. The police were reported on the scene and the Transportation Safety Board were responding. Two minor injuries were reported.


User Name: Samson, Donna

Date: 2007/10/12

Further Action Required: Yes

O.P.I.: General Aviation

Narrative: UPDATE / Add Info from TSB: A07P0342: The privately owned Robinson R-22 helicopter was manoeuvring at low height over an empty lot in an industrial area when the left skid dug into the ground leaving an eight foot long trench. The skids, front cross tube and one main rotor blade were torn off. The helicopter came to rest on it's right side against a chain link fence. Both occupants received minor injuries. There was no fire.

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