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A new forum, yippee!!!


So if the UAE and Ottawa have signed an agreement allowing the feds to look at your payroll over there, one should probably assume some creativity on the info made available by one''s employer, yes?


I think it goes without saying there''s more than one way to skin that cat.

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at the risk of sounding racist.......


don''t expect them friggin'' arabs to do you any favours. learned that lesson already!!


they will hang you out to dry so fast it''ll make your head spin.........


hey decu, cable comin'' tomorrow scary...gonna have to look at yer mug more often now....

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If you are a UAE national they will change the rules to your benefit, but if you are an expat then cover your *** bigtime. Even though I havent had dealings on an employee employer level with Gulf Heli, Aerofulf or Abu Dhabi Av, I have had dealings with them in general.


Heck we complain about the Asians down here, they aint got nothing on the Arabs.


Heli Ops

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Yeah figures, why doesn''t that surprise me? And I thought I was working in the land of "stick it to em"!!!


Can I assume these new changes will not apply to guys in the UAE who are non-residents of Canada?


If you''re up to it Heli Ops, pm me with where in Asia you''re at.



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