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Logging Co-jo Time


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i disagree downwash,


i think ANY exposure is solid in this business. case in point, a good friend of mine started as co-joe logging and stuck it out. he THEN went the IFR route came to helijet as a co-pilot and climbed the ladder to the point where today he is a senior 61 training captain.


if you are in a machine flying, even flopping around looking at guages, well....


you ARE flying!! :up: :up: :up:

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Downwash, yes, you are stirring it up. Your post surprises me.

I usually respect you opinions and agree with you, and you have a good point.........but..........it's **** hard for young pups to find that other opportunity where they can get real stick-time.

For example, how many 100 hour pups has your company hired this year?


If you did hire newbies, would you be more interested in one with 45 hours ferry time (hands-on) and 425 hours co-jo on a 214 over the last 6 months.........or a guy who has no time other than his schooling and has refused 3 offers of co-jo time with logging companies.


To new pilots.......if someone makes you an offer (that doesn't involve sexual violation).....take it. Get some time in the field, sitting under some spinning blades, and log the time honestly. Shut up, smile alot, and buy a beer for the skipper and engineer when you can afford it. (A good reference from them is better than 25 hours in your logbook!).


Or if you are so **** good as a 100 hour pilot that you think there are lots of better opportunities available......contact Downwash. He apparently knows of lots of opportunities for hot-shots like you.

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I think you 'd be silly to turn down a job like that. You'll get lots of great experience, a chance to do quite a bit of networking and hopefully a good reference some highly respected people.


A chap who worked ground with me last summer (mixing chem) turned down a co-jo job with a 214 operator. He regretted it every day.


We made sure of that! :D:D

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For what it is worth, I started out doing the co-jo thing, I was so happy to be around a helicopter it didn't matter that I was sick for the first week and 1/2 till my gut got used to it. You are flying with guys with alot of hours and alot to teach. You also see the difference between a smooth pilot and one that likes to sitr the pot, hence the days when keeping something down the stomach depended on who you were flying with that day. You are spending 8hrs a day with these guys in the cockpit which leaves you lots of opportunity to ask them everything under the sun about helicopters and their divorse expereinces. I am now moving drills and have used alot of the knowlege I learned during that period to better me as a pilot throughout my flying career. With that said if you do get a co-jo job, don't stop looking for that PIC position. Good luck :up:

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Whoa, whoa, whoa there boys...easy on old downwash man!


The point that i believe is trying to be stressed is log what you fly, fly what you log! If your hand is on the stick - put it in your logbook. If your just sitting there "sandbagging", that time means nothing to your next employer with regards to "flight" experience. You cannot tell bcfs that you have a 200 hour pilot with 800 hours of sandbagging, so he qualifies to meet the 1000 hour requirements.


Is it better to sit in a 214 that to sit at home, most definately. You can tell your next prospective employer that you have "industry experience" but are a little shy on the "flight time experience".


Too bullshitte about your total time is quickly revealed at your next check ride.


Sitting in the right seat in a 214 logging is a lot closer than most 100 hour pilots will get to a helicopter without paying for it...enjoy!

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