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..I can't BS you ! try as I May! :P

PHS may go to an Astar this season, in addition to the 2 x205's he demands for his 100 hours +/- in 6 months. I expect VentMustExcelInter will give him one, Those Private Intermediate groups are basically a sit all day for a cut-rate 0.6. I never got much over 5 hours a season, so bring it on PQ boys, you can have it all. Bring your french to swiss dictionary too!


And Yup, GCHS will operate 2 BA's, they offer a great ski product. CHL will supply again, as they have every year (except one) since 1988. That customer talked to me last season about a 407, but unfortunately for him, we don't operate it at 206 prices :blink: Even Heli-Excel thought that contract was too cheap to pursue.

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This whole thread got turned around. (first time that happened on this forum Hey?!)

I started out by posting a wage that I heard of in the Ski industry, then MAG wanted in, So I jokingly comented on "Bell country" thinking at the time that if MAG wanted that particular wage, he'd have to fly a Bell, since the company that I was referring to only operates Bell products.

I have no idea what one may expect to get paid if operating a Ski Astar, I know your buddy Ralph offered me 80K to fly his.


I declined :D


As far as Excel not entering in the bidding on that other particular contract...that was what I was told from inside that organization, I don't know the exact rate now, but it was $750 wet for a BA 4 years ago.

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:D $600.00 / day or $9000.00 a month is the minimum to fly a 212 skiing. The shift is actually 15/13, don't sell your self short on your travel days. All of your expense's should not be included in this rate, they are in addition too and you should charge a minimum of 12% interest after 30 days. Production 212 ski drivers are hard to find, trust me that's cheap for an operator. An accident is far more costly. B) 407 droped by the hangar yesterday, must have been watchn' the game. Will drop by with TC next week. ;)
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407D, Ralph offered me that job just before he came to see you........but he offered me $90K !!!


Maybe #### should give him a call.


P.S. As someone already mentioned, any figures mentioned above relate to a medium pilot that is new to the heli company and are a fixed guaranteed rate per month. That's probably why they seem to be at the bottom end of the scale. Considering this, I think they are a fair place to start.

Too much money, paid in the wrong manner, to the wrong ski-pilot, can be a dangerous temptation.


(For the top end of the scale....................take a peek at 407D's paystub !!!!!!!)

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