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R66 Picture

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:P Yes it will be looking like a r44. :P It'll be 6 inches wider, and 8 inches taller. And there will be room for 3 suitcases in a cargo hold on the back left. It's the big gapping hole in the above pic. Not sure how big ol Frank considers 3 suitcases. B) The engine will be mounted a la md500 style.


Apparently there has been a lot of interest in it already with over 100 pre orders already put in.


Also a Canadian operator will be doing a lot of testing up here with it when it gets to that stage.

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R22 captain is right. Although wider and taller, the new 66 is very close to the 44 in looks but with more upgrades. The operator involved with it in Canada says 1200 lbs. on the hook and seating in the rear for 3 instead of 2. Also has single point refueling instead of the old 2 filler caps for main and aux. Cold weather testing slated for fall '08, winter '09 north of the border. Unfortunately the T-bar will remain. Should be good seller if it stays under the 1 million mark.

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hope they (or someone) have optional bubble windows like the jetbox with 3 across for a little elbow room...

there is about 8 inches between rear seats on a 44 now.....so if they added 6 more inches to the body width that gives......eerrr where's my calculator....14 inches for the new seat.


phew my brain hurts now.....nappy time

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Have a source that just returned from RHC saw it doing circuts 8 in. taller overall and 7 in. wider. They will do cold wx in late '08. Supposed to handle nice, but the middle pax in the back will have to sit with their feet on either side of the control tunnel. That won't work in the forestry sector

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