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R66 Picture

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I hate that thing.


Shame on me for being offensive, thankfully I will never have to ride in it. It's like a moped, fun unless you can get on a real bike.


Like, really, R22, R44, had a nice niche, fantastic ideas, great sales, big money and lots of applications provided it stays in the envelope.


What the **** is this supposed to supplement in the industry? Better helicopters that are more powerful with support tried and tested from the manufacturer?


What's next? The R666? Size of a Huey, shape of an R44, but it goes like he11??

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What's the big deal really? Seems to me, historically speaking the same thing was said about the 206 oh so long ago. Somehow Canadians made that work very well regardless of it's misnomer at the time ie Deathranger. The A-Star, a preffered method of travel/work by many customers now, carried the moniker of Falling Star. The R-22/44 initially designed for private use, and a subsequent questionable safety record (since addressed by Frank via a terrifying safety video! but it works!) has since proved to be a venerable machine both in quality, and sales, and training. Airborne in particular has used the **** things for everything from Pipe Patrols, gas sniffing, cheap arial recce, gas-plant "pick-up truck",Infra-Red scanning, training and believe it or not 2D seismic. And as a result of this has progressed many a newbie through the ranks. And many companies have since followed. Granted there have ( and always will be) problems but I believe these machines have indeed proved their worth. I would fly one again in a second providing that maintenance was properly adherred to...same as any other machine.


As for possible uses, well try a cheaper platform with a "turbine requirement" for one ie the larger petroleum companies.


I wouldn't knock it untill you've tried it. I am sure there are some very smart operators out there looking very hard at this machine. It will take just one to find the application for it that will leave the rest of thinking "Why didn't I think of that"?!!


Let fly now



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Naw, I agree with you Zazu,


I just hate the way it looks, and will be the last one to give up the nice lines of eurocopter and bell, not the jetbox, `can't lie down in the back.


But you are right, there are probably lots of operators looking at it. The kind of work they'll find for it is of no interest to me anymore, but like you say, there are lots of people with different ideas.

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