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Survival Vest


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Looking for info on a TC approved vest I saw at HAC a few years ago. Was black mesh with a pocket for a small Spare-Air bottle, and maybe had a Mustang type inflatable collar? Also some nice utility pockets I think. Tried Google till my fingers bled..... anyone else ever seen this thing? Any info?

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looks like the one you found there Ironman. looking at it now.... maybe a bit of overkill for me haha. some of the others look good too though. Skullcap/Chopper76 what did you pay for your?


you know the AA life this time of year chopper. flown a whopping 1.9 so far this month. :down: then again it's blowing about 45 kts here today so I'm not too keen on going out in that crap. having flashbacks to last winter. :wacko:

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The certified ones (yellow, over the head) that we carry in the machine, under the seat, in a plastic bag, is a piece of crap.


When we did our underwater egress training, it was very soon learned that it was near impossible to get out and get on.


So, the question is, what is thought about the Mustang collar vest you can buy at your local stores?


What does it lack, that is found on the certified ones? If you carry the certified one under the seat to comply with the requirement to have one one on board, why not have one (Mustang) that is easy to wear and use, and will keep you afloat.


Is it better to have one that you will use, that is not certified, or one that you won't use, that is?


How many rules are being broken??



:shock: Do I have to duck...???

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