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Favourite Ppc Question

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Grunt, strain, Push - CHRUNCH!!!!!

Oops - correct answer is the Stab Bar - look up! look way up!


Not having the blade tied down and having the guy on the top deck holding it let go and it bounces up at the wrong moment dinging the door, light fixture ( Loud popping noise, large flash, hangar goes dark - loud swearing noises, muffled laughter from those not involved) or low ceiling gets you points too! Putting the shortest, lightest guy on the stinger helps insure max damage / havok.


like going through the door holding your breath, flexing your *ss in total horror as the stab bar clears the door by maybe a half inch, skinning your knuckles on the door and then outright taking the door straight in the forehead :wacko: after the stab clears...kinda like that...no I didn't do that :blink: did I just tell everybody about this? :lol: omg


Sharkbait,..your killing me here, absolutly helarious! :up:

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1. You have been cleared for t/o RWY 27 at YYJ. You are at 200lbs below GW with your SK76A and the wx is at IFR minimums.


What would you do?




2. What type of projection is the VTA map? The VNC?




3. You have been flying your 206 for about 25 minutes when you realize you haven't switched on your generator. What would you do?



4. Upon landing your 206, you close the throttle to idle, it should take _______ seconds for your N1 to drop to idle.

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"What is the max gross for use of the ground handling wheels on the 205 / 212? And how deep do you have to dig to find the answer in writing in a Bell Book ( COM doesn't count ) ? hint - bring a pick and shovel! "


Chapter 9 - Maintenance Manual


204-050-200 wheels for weights up to 8000lbs

212-050-200 for weights over 8000lbs


Do not tow using ground handling wheels at weights greater than 9500lbs Chapter 9 para 2-1 Caution.

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Your planning on slinging some plywood, and the examiner asks, how much does 1 inch of dry, 4x8, plywood weigh?


For the Bell Med. crowd.


What are the 4 functions of the T handle?

What are the 4 functions of the fuel valve?

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