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Vertical Fire Article


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Yeah, even mentioned a couple of people I knew!


Talking of vertical, I'd like to take the opportunity to mention that there is apparently an STC to allow the AStar to fly with one door off, as someone has kindly pointed out after reading my comments. I don't know the full details as yet, but looking.





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Hey Vardy, glad you liked it! :D


Dave Lowery was lucky enough to get some first-hand accounts of the fires - great cooperation from all operators and people involved - sad to see the level of destruction though.


In issue 6 we are finishing up on now, we have a first-hand perspective from the fires in southern California this time. Glenn Grossman, who is a Reserve officer with the LAPD, supplied us with some truly stunning action photographs of helicopters fighting the fires.


And speaking of images, I will be updating the new Vertical site in the coming days with lots of images. We also now have e-cards available if you want to email someone a message with one of the photos.


Please feel free to send me any ideas are suggestions of stories you would like to see covered in up-coming issues of Vertical.


And 407 Driver....send me more pictures!


Thanks for the support guys!

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Glad you asked! :up:


We receive many photos from people in the field, but in lots of cases the resolution is too low for publication – they look great on the screen at 43k, but terrible when put in a magazine. :(


Any pictures you would like to see considered for publication take at the highest setting on the camera. For example, all of the images provided by 407 Driver were around the 400k range in size (1024x768), which is good enough to run the size we did in the magazine (4x6), but we couldn’t run them any larger or else they would start to become pixilated.


The best pictures anyone can run are those taken in the field as it's happening versus setting up the shot for a photographer that shows up for a day or two, like me. :D

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Mike, I just bought a 256MB card for my Camera at Costco, so I'm ready for action !

I can now take an estimated 160 pictures at full (3.34 Megapixel) resoloution, giving flie sizes over 1000K. With 256MB, plus the old 96 MB card (60 more pics) it should get me through a high flying day now ;)

When I was taking photos on the Tokum Fire in August, I had to stop and delete some, to make room for more.


A simple old trick that I learned from a National Geographic Pro, shooting in Nahanni Park in the late 70's...take LOTS and lots of photos's !!!

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