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The post was not intended as any slant, no matter what WOXOF thinks. Mike offered free subs to members of the industry and since I am technically a competition magazine then there would be absolutely no point in me even asking Mike for a freebie sub, and I would no doubt assume he would do the same if I offered. The response that he wouldnt be hearing from me was in relation to asking for a free sub. Take it as you will.


For the record Mike and Linda have a great product and it is going to go places. It has a great layout with some great photography and stories that the industry enjoys. I was actually one of the first people to encourage Mike to go out on his own from Helicopters, and even though we dont see eye to eye about things, I am very pleased for them. Nothing gives a publisher more satisfaction than hearing good feedback from readers and subscribers. Thats what we all hope for. I have a lot of respect for Mike and Linda. Its a big investment starting your own magazine, believe me I know. :wacko: Its long hours and lots of uphill battles, but in the end it all pays off.


I have never bagged, criticised, put down or said anything negative about Vertical. The ones that should be worried are Rotor and Wing and Helicopters magazine. Vertical and Heli Ops overlap in the North American market, but thats where it stops. He is North America and I am Intl.


With regards to the website, Kyle has done a fantastic job with it. Love the colours, love the use of the waves in the design. Keep up the great work. Mike and Lynda have a great team on Vertical and thats the key to the success of any magazine, ensuring you have that team supporting you. Although I wont publish it in my magazine, I will say here that I hope Vertical becomes one of the leading helicopter industry magazines in North America, along with Heli Ops of course. This industry is big enough for two top quality magazines, and in my opinion, Vertical and Heli Ops are those two.


Anyway thats my two cents worth. Oh and in reference to WOXOF's comments, feel free to put them back up your *** where they belong.


Heli Ops

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WOXOF - You honestly think I really care about being kicked off the forums. If you want to dish it out then you can take it as well. Yes I am outspoken and arrogant but do I apologise for that, not in the least. Do I give it back to those that give it to me, **** yes, and then some.


Have a nice day.


Heli Ops

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Hey guys, how about cooling your oats, bickering does'nt help anybody.

The whole idea of this forum is an exchange of information and idea's.

So far WOXOF I would say Heli-Ops has got you beat for knowledge based postings that somebody can learn from.


You know the old preverable saying everybodies got one, that is opions I'm referring to. The day I can't learn something from somebody else, is the day I'm in helicopter Heaven.


I think one guy by the initials VR is at the hospital at this moment trying to have his foot removed from his mouth.


Remember we are all in this together, to learn from one another.



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Yes, let's play nice. Both magazines are of high calibre indeed.


As Ned says, it's Rotor and Wingespecially that has fallen out of favour with just about everybody I talk to. I don't even open it any more.


And I didn't realize Helicopters was still being published. Oh well, keep it up guys.

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