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407Driver, Whaddya mean, "your photos".......

I took that photo during a wonderful evening when I was in New Zealand recently......


Hey, just a minute........did you happen to spend some time in Methven, too?????


CTD, in light of where this topic is going I will have to say I have no knowledge of a PM from you, and if I did I wouldn't be in a position to discuss it, and if I did then I'd have to kill you.







(p.s. got the note, thanks lambchop)

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Its the mesh stockings that makes allllllll the difference 407, ya ought to try on a pair (or two) sometime, better still, ask CTD, I actually borrowed them off of him! :lol::lol::lol::lol:



That should get his "goat"


Ok, ok, equally bbaaaaaaddddd, but at this point it doesn't really matter, this topic is waaaaay out to pasture :lol::lol:

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Biggles - This topic aint way out to pasture yet. :rolleyes:


You aint seen 407 Drivers "special" pics that he shot down here in Kiwiland. I have it on very reliable advice that there are quite a few baby lambs down here in the paddocks chanting Eurocrapper - Eurocrapper - Eurocrapper. :lol::lol:


Its funny when any local 500D or AS350 lands the sheep dont give a damm. But if a 407 flies over man do they run like ****. Makes you wonder why doesnt it :o:o


Heli Ops


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