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Helo Trailer ?


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Would anyone have any photos of a road trailer setup for a Bell Medium. I've been searching all day with no success. Thanks for any help provided...Rog


I'll try and dig up some pics I have of a Griffon on a Cdn Forces low-bed trailer. Being wider than 8ft6in, it automatically classifies as a wide load. The one I have pics of was facing forward with the tail over the rear axles. Both the main and tail rotors were removed and blades were in blade boxes under the tail. Griffons are on low skid gear. I figure high gear machines might need to be loaded on the belly...


Here's a pic of an EH-101 being trucked from the Port of Montreal to CYHU a few years back during trials prior to the Cormorant purchase:



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Stumbled across this in Aero Ad's


Helicopter Trailer


This is a nice one of a kind Helicopter trailer.

31ft. long 102in wide with the sides up. With the

sides down the landing platform is 12ft.x12ft. for

fly on or the sides are removeable to winch

helicopter on (electric winch include) You will not

find a safer trailer to land on. Price 7,000 Info.

Call Me 903-819-2306






Contact: Casey M. Pritchard

Email: jetjoc737@peoplepc.com Telephone: 903 819 2306

Fax: Address: 409 W. Vernon St.

Bells TX

United States 75414

Date Ad placed: 03/30/2007 21108

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