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Current Ad Model 369a, H, He, Hm, Hs, D,


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Guest Bullet Remington



Was there not a DN/EN and AWD already issued for this? I seem to recall a couple of years back, having to do an AWD similair to this every 10 flt hours.


Anybody else recall this?


Ya think by now that some smart arse Pinky Engineer would have found a way to eliminate this problem. Seems to be this has been an ongoing problem on the 369 series for quite a few years!


Anubody else care to enlighten me on this??

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The following are the AD requirements:


AD 95-03-13 – Refer to AD for M/R blade assy P/N 369A100-BSC, -501, -503, -505, -601, -603, 369D21100-BSC, -503, -505, -507, 509, -513, -515, 369D21102-BSC or –501 refer to AD for lead lag assemblies.


AD96-10-09 – Refer to AD for A/C applicability and M/R blade root inspection for cracking and paint or sealant cracking inspection requirements, refer to AD for details.


AD 2003-24-01 (new) – Blade P/N 500P2100, 500P2100-101, 500P2100-301 (Helicopter Technology Company, STC# SR09172RC, SR09074R or SR09184RC.


In addition the following is a list of sections in the MM as per manufacturer inspection requirements…


05-20-00 Page 5, 100 hour/Annual Inspection

62-10-00 inspect main rotor blade abrasion strips

05-20-10 Page 2, 300 hour Inspection, Inspect Main Rotor Blade per Section 62


Additional info……….








Hope it helps………..

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