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A-star: Low Eng.oil Pressure & Engine Shutdown


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I don't have personal experience with other types in that situation, but the PT6-T with an oil-starved #1 bearing on one stove will experience compressor stalls first, with no other indications on the gauges, and then a slight N1 decel with subsequent N2 droop which the AFCU will compensate for by adding even more fuel.


The result is an expensive-sounding "bang" which is the noise your turbine blades make as they stretch, hit the shrouds, shear off and go rattling out the exhaust and (hopefully) past your tail rotor. You will now notice that all the indications of an "engine out" are present (there are many indications in the 212, in case you were unconscious or sleeping when it happened, I guess).


Fire? Didn't seem to be an issue. Root cause? An old P&WC bulletin that was signed off but not performed by the o'haul shop at TBO, requiring the replacement of the #1 brg last-chance screen.


Perhaps this is a poor example of the possible consequences, but one that illustrates that PDM might have to be lightning quick to play any part in the management of the event.


In your shoes, Dimit, I'd want to have my CP find an analisys path and action plan that you can train to perform, since there may be no time for "figuring it out" on the fly.

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Good stuff, gents. Thanks!!


Here's my summary:


1/ Don't worry about the airframe, it now belongs to the underwriter. Success will be measured in living souls...

2/ Work out an action plan w/ CP, then train to it. Keep the underwriters away!

3/ If fire is threatening, shut down engine. Save m/r, t/r & tail boom for 'landing'.

4/ If fire not threatening, use engine 'til reasonable survivability is assured, then shut down.


Season's best to everyone, may all yer gauges stay green!



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