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Where You Live And Where You Work


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I know some engineers that live several hundred kilometers away from their company's hangar. They work out in the bush most of the time on a 2 and 2 rotation and have no problem with making the trek every two weeks. One actually preferred it because when they shut down their flying operations in the winter and start overhauling in the hangar, he doesn't get called in for emergencies and such because he is so far away.


I believe they also get their travel expenses covered. Is that common?


Other than for base jobs, is there any real necessity to live close to your company's hangar if you're working out of camps all the time?

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Back in the ol' days (well before my time) bases were not common place - neither was a regular crew rotation. With the development of the base system came the chance for pilots and engineers to spend some time at home. For most this became the preferred position reserved for senior crew - pool positions were viewed as a place for pilots and engineers to gain experience.


More and more it seems like crews are chosing to work the pool. Customers don't call last minute on the weekend, guaranteed time off with family and friends. I think this has a lot to do with regulated time off and the barganing chip that crew shortages provide - if you don't give me a good schedule I'll work somewhere else (good or bad attitude??).


As far as being common place or what limitations are put on where you can live or how much you'll be reimbursed for travel - it really comes down to each company and the nature of their work. Some companies will fly you across the country for a two week shift, some will expect you to live in the town where the revenue is generated.


As far as your friend not wanting to come in and do runs - dosen't sound like teamwork to me.



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Guest graunch1
What are the typical rotation schedules out there?


I talked to one of the northern-based operators the other day and both Pilots and AMEs commute from all over the place instead of renting/owning up north

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This summer just past I worked in N. BC/Alberta/Saskatchewan, and visited my family in Squamish (coastal BC) on my days off. 4/5 weeks on, 9/10 days off. Employer paid travel from YVR to work & return. Where did I live? Wherever my rump rested! Can't spend that kinda time away any more. I love my wife & kid too much to be so much away!!



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