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Censorship/ People Need To Know!

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I am a little surprised that the comments I posted concerning Mustang, Heli-Inter,ect where removed from the forum. I think that its unfair not to warn people of the garbage that goes on in the industry.


I am realy going to feel sorry for the next pilot they choose to sue for negligence.


I suppose that the people involved even have control over this forum, how unfortunate that in a country like Canada we are still unable to voice our opinions on some the injustices and the crappy treatment of pilots by meglomaniac companies that only care about the bottom line.


Shame on the administrator/moderator for removing this warning.



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Sorry you feel that way but when you put this site and myself into a position of liability, then of course I will take action. Naming names is dangerous - especially when you tie accusations to them - whether or not they are true. I understand your position fully and can appreciate your concern, but when claims of the nature that you made are posted, you have to respect my position.


Please review our terms of use.


Finally, as I have stated many times in my time on the Internet and running web sites, free speech is welcome all you want - but you are still accountable for what you say. We simply can not allow ourselves to be put into a libelous position.


Perhaps if you posted your real name, full address and contact information and a disclaimer that it is your position only, then your statements may not have been removed.


If you have any further questions, by all means, PM me and I will provide you with my phone number or I can call you collect.

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I totally agree with what Kyle said.


For your further information, the papers were filed today to form an association and will take twenty (20) working days for Industry Canada to approve and they will be approved.


Part of the assoc. agenda will be to defend members (if justified by the board) in legal actions., but to do this we have to have a majority of people joining the assoc. to generate some capital.


So get together and join one another in this venture to better the problems of the industry.



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Dear Adminstrator


Having spent more than 15 years in the Industry , I can assure you that there are so many underhanded things that operatiors get away with that the employee or Pilot can do nothing about. Good luck proving slander. I know pilots who's careers have been destroyed by the whims of some operators who choose to balckball persons from the industry. HIV is one company that is famous for this.


The xyz group is also another company that advocates this type of behavior, that I find completely unacceptable. I have a copy of letter from one pilot who came to me for advice, I told Him to talk to a lawyer. His lawyer said that there was nothing he could do and that he would have to prove that the company in question had willingly inetrfered with his right to work Canada. So you see pilots need warning against those companies that practice this type of petty behavior.

In this letter the eastern divison manager for an unnamed company stated in writting that the pilot would never work agian. The funny thing is that the whole matter was just a personality coinflict that had nothing to do with the pilots ability to do his or Her Job. This I find below contempt and only justifies the position that shmarmy snakes in this once noble industry need be flogged. If your company is going to enguage in this form of lowlife behavior then you will suffer the consequewnces of the senior industry pilots doing what they can to defend the new entrants to the industry who all deserve to be treated in a forthright mannor.


This pilot has been without work for 3 years as the result of a personality conflict.


Listen I understand that you don't want to ruffle any feathers, but damm it this type of crap has got to stop.- it looks bad on us all!



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Sorry for the long time for my reply. Just so you know, I have been in this industry for 15 years as well and I was one of those that was screwed by my employer. Really screwed - so bad that it took me right out of the industry for a good period of time. (It was nothing that I did personally either, just so you know.) Soon I found myself married, with kids and a wonderful web site and in many ways, I miss the flying but I know this is just as important to many and myself.


All I am stating is that when it comes to names and accusations, I have to look out for the best of everyone, including myself and this site. Newspapers get sued all of the time for stepping over the line and at this time, I am just not prepared to let it get that far along.


Being a part of USaviation.com, I know what it is like in dealing with lawyers from the major airlines. These forums are open to all and are proving to be a wonderful resource for many, I ask that we be careful in what we post, that's it.

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