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206 Pulls Boat

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The saddest part of that debate over belly-hook versus long-line was that some people were called clowns and others were called cowboys.

Though I don't like either title used in such a debate, they both seem quite appropriate here. What was he thinking ?? WAS he thinking ??

I just hope the rodeo rider and his lasoo operator weren't hurt. At least there was a boat nearby !!!!!!!!!!

Well said Duke............DOHHHH!



P.S. Yes, similar incidents, (identical results), near Vancouver Island and Newfoundland in the last few years. Guys just trying to help out, and ended-up in over their heads, so to speak.

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Yes my friend, he certainly was.


One of mine actually, excellent student, great atitude, hard worker blah blah blah. We hired him after his training and he was the perfect canidate.


Made a bad decsion one day that near ended his life and a couple of others.


Being the first on the scene and expecting the worst was very frightening, still scares me.


This actually is a thread to give a serious look at, or one for your rag.


I / we questioned ourselves long after the accident "Was there something we missed in the training...?"


Any answers? :(

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You're right, it would be a good one for Vortex, actually it would be an awesome 'Tips and Tails' piece.


Didn't he attach the rope to a skid tube? From what I remember, the accident ended his career, didn't it?


Don't know what could have been missed in training. Maybe more about c-g issues? Hard to plan for every idea a fella gets in his head - you have to rely on common sense to a certain level.

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