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I think they'll take over eventually, but I honestly think it'll be 15 to 30 years, a generation or two down the line, before it happens.


The V22 was faced with numerous limitations that aren't imposed on the 609. Ballistic tolerances, redundancies, and rotating wing and limited footprint for shipboard ops, all meant an engineering nightmare. I think they are supremely cool and will find a niche and slowly take over.








No, I didn't get to fly it.

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Ok, here is a more up to date link for you:




Like the one point that if the aircraft is flying at 1600' or lower it would not be able to do a survivable landing if the engines were to fail.....


Yep, gonna take some time to get one in civvy world.



Old saying looks like a duck, walks like a duck,,,,,

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If there was an internet and a forum like this, say sixty or so years ago what would the stiff wing guys have said about the new thing called a helicopter.???

I think the tiltrotor thing will work. Its going to take some time. I hope to be around for chance to get in one.



Well, they wouldn't have said" the thing quits and you die" And some of the first helicopter pilots were fixed wing guys...plus it was a little more than 60 years ago.


If the tiltrotor was available 60 years ago they would have cancelled it due to safefy issues,,,,oh I forgot they did,,,,,in Canada(tiltwing).


Personally, I don't think it will be a viable aircraft till new techology becomes available, but the same technology will probably be employed into helicopter blades thus what is the point?


Not sure the draw to it other than it goes fast, and has a million buttons and knobs to play with.

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Are not all rotorcraft susceptible to VRS? That is a bit like saying you would not fly an airplane because it could stall and spin. If that was you main concern you would not fly any airplane. Granted the 609 may be more susceptible to VRS than a typical rotorcraft but it was my impression that the early V22's were the most susceptible to VRS and they have since had greater success in the development.


During cruise flight autorotation would not be capable anyway, you would have to try to hit your L/D max and obtain your best glide speed while in airplane configuration. I think the only time you would be worried about performing an autorotation would be during takeoff and landing, and that only depends on how long you take to transition.


I was involved in the design of the 609 back in 2000. I was told it would be going to market in 2 yrs. Still waiting. The interesting story I got on a dual engine failure OR a failure of the interconnect drive shaft in airplane mode goes something like this:

"you would have to pitch the airplane up as much as possible while at the same time rotating the nacelles aft towards helicopter mode BEFORE you lost too much rotor RPM" ya, sounded sketchy to me at the time too. I think they're banking on the unlikelyhood of a dual engine failure.


I'd still like to fly one though!!

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