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yeah that is rare, but they also refuel from different sources than a bush operation might. and we know that some of theses 609's will find a niche in a bush atmosphere at some point. The risk is there, however slight. TC likes to hold up certification on types of things like that, you know, little itty bitty issues that are rare occurances.


It's always a possibility regardless of the proverbial sh*t hitting the fan...nobody ever thought a 212 would lose it's complete rotor head either, but strange things can and do happen. Stack the deck in your favour, because you can....

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don't just limit us to a bad fuel supply, there is literally hundreds of mechanical reasons why both engines may falter and many man made reasons too.....


the main concern is that it can happen.....once is too many. In this aircraft, it's not ever going to be alright.


I have yet to see a dash 8 or a B1900 fueling from a swamp, or a muddy staging area......if ya got pictures, post em up.

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Sorry NO pics from a swamp but maybe some muddy staging areas called ramps. Think northern gravel/clay rwys. (I'm getting the feeling you don't believe me.) Dont get me wrong either everyone I have seen doing it is being safe about it.

I agree that a fuel problem is not the only concern most especially with something as complex as a 609 or V22.

What if???

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But shirley none of these were due to bad fuel supplies? There were a whole lot of CRM issues involved in each one, not least the engineers who deliberately fitted the wrong pump to the engine on the Azores airbus.


I just spent two years working with someone who is very high up in the 609 world and if it were available (and I had the cash!) I would operate one straight away as I can see a couple of markets immediately.


I'm sure the same arguments were going around when some idiot decided he was going to design a helicopter..........


Personally I'm willing to give it a chance - I'd certainly be happier in it even at its current state of development than some helicopters!



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