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What Helo's Can Lift Their Own Weight?

Guest JeffyG

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214B- 7900 lb single log at at the bottom of the block up against standing timber. It was dead lifted straight up due to environmental restrictions. Last turn of the cycle, and very low on fuel. Just outside Hope BC at I believe around 3500 @ a very wet 10 or so C.


K-Max- I forget the empty weight but it often deadlifted 6000 lbs less than 15 min into the cycle without raising any "flags" in the tracking/tattle tale system that was installed in them at the time.


Those were all legal lifts that were dead lifted heli-logging with no precision placement considered at the recieving end.( although depending on your abilities and being on both ends of the line that is a rather broad statement!)


Seen alot of loads that came off the hill equaling the standards of the question with alot of other machines but by no means dead lifted nor did many of them end up at the landing. They didn't give us scales back then LOL.


All based on passed experience and many verbal fisticuffs w/ pilots. Hey! Like I said they didn't give us scales back then but then now on the other side I don't think I'd want to do it either...but who knows


Just observations...Don't bite me too hard.



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I'm not saying that I know all the scenarios possible but a helicopter lifting its own weight externally is almost always over gross... :shock:

I m pretty sure with most 214B's, if you actually follow an accurate weight and balance, the machine will never get to the 8000lbs. hook limit without getting over gross. Theres no high horse here..I've been over gross once or twice myself...just an observation.

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