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Refueling From Drums


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Howdy all,


For those of you who have the misfortune of having to fuel out of drums in the winter you can empathize with my request.


I am looking for a "recipe" for the perfect stand pipe. One that you can thread into the drum, will support the pump and has an air hole drilled for vacuum prevention. Seems like creating one of these is a bit of a lost art. When I started flying they were standard, now it seems that all the ones I get SUCK! are too long, don't thread in etc..


If anyone knows how to build one or if there is a company selling them please let me know.


I'm interested in measurements and fitting sizes or part numbers, also what mods are required to the parts prior to assembly and what materials to use etc. The whole shebang, how to build the perfect stand pipe!!


Thanks to all and have a very merry Christmas and a safe prosperous New Years!!



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Used to have a wonderful standpipe, made out of copper and had airfitting on little tube that was used to pressure the drum with bleed air from Gazelle. But if got screwed up, had one built in Campbell River out of aluminum and is sweet but no airhole,,will have to drill and put a bit of a tap or something like that on it. The bung thingy Freddie mentioned is ok but water gets in,,,same with hacksawing the threads, friggen west coast rain......yes I put a rock under one side of drum to get water away,,,friggin west coast rain....

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throw the plastic ones out and if you have the thin steel one, just mig it together. take and grind the teeth off the bung adapter that threads into the barrel so the pump justs sits in but not sloppy as the pump will flop over, remember the farm hose breaks in the cold and is unbonded so get arctic hose. if you put cam loc fittings on the pipe, put the female on the pipe or it will fall in the drum...

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Talk to Walter at Western Aerial Applications in Chilliwack. We spent many months on designing a Coastal friendly stand pipe and head,made out of aluminum, vented ect. They are best type I have seen. I'm sure they won't mind selling a few!!! I'm not sure what they would charge for one.



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