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Are Ec-130 B4's Under Powered?


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I was speaking with a pilot about EC-130's a little while ago, and he said that he was under the impression that they were underpowered (he had never flown one but I believe he said he knew people who had.) I had always assumed that even though they were heavier than the B3, they still weren't under powered because of how powerful the Arriel 2B1 is. Can anyone tell me if this is true or not?

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This summer we needed some fuel moved out to a remote staging setup for us. The distance was approx. 65 NM and he needed to return with out using any of the fuel brought out. the temp was right around +20 C and the Alt was only 500 feet. The B4 took on 75% - 80% fuel, pilot weighed about 175 lbs. The B4 grabbed 5 drums (2000 lbs) and walked away with the load no problem! The next trip he made for us he decided to take 6 drums, still no problem! :punk:


For moving tourists and VIP's around its definitely not underpowered, and even for longlining in the bush I would have to say it still gives you a pretty good bang for youre buck! Too bad there is no vertical reference window able to be installed though...

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It doesn't matter how much horsepower they put behind the main gearbox of any aircraft, someone will think it is underpowered (then complain that it burns too much fuel when the manufacturer brings out the more powerful next model).


That type of person would be someone like a geologist who, for every fifty pounds of fuel burned off will always load seventy five pounds of rock core. :lol:



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Hmmm, I think I've heard this conversation somewhere before.


I couldn't lift enough with my Bell 47, or my 500C, or D, for that matter.


Or my 204, 205, 206, 212, 212HP, or 214ST, or my 55T, 58T, 61 or 76.


Even a 61 in the Arctic at -40C and 40 knots of wind still couldn't lift enough.


By jove, I think 212wrench may have got it exactly right - it is what it is.


Don't let your customers (diplomatically, of course) push you.


Good managers will support your decision.

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