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Dear John, and Moderators,


While I agree with the remarks about negative direction in this thread, past posts have shown that everyone has their own agenda, and there seems to be some hypocrisy about the remarks made by HEPAC persons to HAC persons, so when some splashes back, why not leave it be for a while, and see if anything is put down by the latter aforementioned? (HAC)


Be pretty easy to go and do something else for now, if you have nothing else to say, right?


lineworker: You should maybe practice what you preach!!!


Your buddy is on line for the second time today, maybe he will get up enough nerve to post something. :blink:


Maybe you will get enough nerve to post your name. :shock:



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You asked for the thread to be closed. You asked for it to be opened.


I have no idea why this thread became a HEPAC vs. HAC, but it seems that this has become the intent of some of you. The bandwagon cheering is not helpful and only confuses the original topic.


If you are going to post something, I suggest you ensure it is directly related to the topic. Those that are here and simply enjoy egging someone else on will not last for long.


I have made it very clear on all of our actions here and it is unfortunate after reopening the topic, as some of you demanded, that a certain few feel that they may gain in some sort of a way by spinning the topic in a new direction.


Thread closed.

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