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MNR RFT For Five(5) Medium Helicopters for the Forest Fire Management Program







Reference Number 141704

Solicitation Number OSS-075662

Organization Name Government of Ontario

Ministry of Government Services, Supply Chain Management

Ontario Shared Services, Goods & Services Procurement Branch


Source ID PV.MN.ON.4961.C44988

Associated Components Yes







Published 2007-12-11


Closing 2008-01-10 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time EST







Category Aerospace












Region of Delivery Ontario

Region of Opportunity

Agreement Type Open Bidding (OB)

Tender Type Invitation to Tender (ITT)

Estimated Value

Solicitation Method Open






Notice Description

MNR RFT For Five(5) Medium Helicopters for the Forest Fire Management Program


MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES For Five (5) Medium Helicopters for the Forest Fire Management Program


This Tender / Request for Proposal (RFP) is available only through MERX, the electronic tendering system used by the Province of Ontario. For further information about MERX, call 1-800-964-6379 or visit the MERX website at www.merx.com.


A Proponent who has not obtained this Tender / RFP through MERX will have its proposal disqualified unless a third party has requested this Tender / RFP from MERX on that Proponent's behalf and that Proponent has identified the third party on the Label of its proposal. If a Proponent who has obtained this Tender / RFP from a third party fails to identify that third party in this manner, that Proponent's Tender / Proposal will be disqualified.


Proponents who intend to respond to this procurement opportunity are requested not to cancel the receipt of addenda or amendments, since they must obtain through MERX all of the information documents that are issued through MERX.


In the event that a Proponent chooses to cancel the receipt of addenda or amendments their subsequent bid / proposal submission may be rejected.


Invitation to Bidders

This Request for Tenders ("RFT") is an invitation to prospective bidders to submit tenders for the provision of five (5) medium type helicopters to work within the Ministry’s Forest Fire Management Program for the 2008, 2009 and 2010 fire seasons, as further described in Part 2 - The Deliverables ("the Deliverables"). This RFT is issued by Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario as represented by the Ministry of Natural Resources ("the Ministry").


Type of Contract For Deliverables

The selected bidder(s) will be required to enter into an agreement with the Ministry for the provision of the Deliverables (the “Agreement”) in the form attached as Appendix A of this RFT (the “Form of Agreement”).


The term of the Agreement is to be for a period of about three (3) years, commencing on or about April 1, 2008 and terminating on March 31, 2011, with the end of work anticipated to be on or about October 31, 2010. Generally, the Services will be required during the annual fire season, a period from April 1 to October 31. It is anticipated that the Agreement will be executed on or around May 1, 2008.


During each Operating Period, the Helicopter will normally be positioned at the Main Bases, as outlined in Section 2.4. Each Main Base has an operating period of eighty days, which the ministry may decide to extend or modify as required. The Helicopter will also be based from time to time at other locations within Ontario, other provinces and states within Canada and the United States for such periods of time as may be required by the Ministry.



The Ministry’s Forest Fire Management Program requires Air Operators to provide Helicopter Services, including five (5) medium Helicopters (inclusive of flight crew and maintenance), for the Ontario Fire Program during the 2008, 2009, and 2010 fire seasons. The fire season normally operates from April 1 to October 31. The Helicopters will be used primarily for transporting fire crews and initial attack equipment to and from fire locations throughout the Province of Ontario as well as heli-bucketing on fires. The Helicopters may also be used to provide Other Services for the Ontario Government, and depending on the nature of the Fire Season.

All Helicopters shall be for the exclusive use of the Ministry during the Operating Period. The Ministry may deploy any or all Helicopters to bases of operation other than the Main Bases originally designated for the Helicopters (e.g., see Appendix G) whenever, and for whatever length of time, as the Ministry in its sole discretion determines necessary or advisable. These other bases may be located anywhere within the Province of Ontario or elsewhere in Canada.


The Air Operator(s) will be reimbursed for any reasonable increases in incidental expenses which would not have been incurred but for such alternate deployment. The Ministry and the Air Operator will mutually determine the reasonable increase in incidental expenses prior to such deployment, but failure to agree will not provide reason for the Air Operator to delay related deployment. The Ministry's option to temporarily deploy Helicopters outside of Ontario is related to the Ministry's participation in a Resource Sharing Agreement that permits the sharing of firefighting resources between various government agencies in Canada; during the Operating Period, the Helicopters will be considered part of the resources available to the Ministry.


Past history indicates the following usage:


Historical Helicopter Utilization Data


Main Base Average Average Average Average Years

Hours Number Number of Number of of

Flown Days Hours Flown Hours Flown Data

Per Year Hired Per Day in 80 Days

Years Per Year

Red Lake 199 hrs 118 days 1.7 hrs/day 135 hrs 8 yrs

Geraldton 219 hrs 118 days 1.9 hrs/day 148 hrs 7 yrs

Wawa 145 hrs 113 days 1.3 hrs/day 103 hrs 7 yrs

Chapleau 146 hrs 122 days 1.2 hrs/day 95 hrs 8 yrs

Cochrane 132 hrs 141 days 0.94 hrs/day 75 hrs 3 yrs


This information is historical, is intended for reference purposes only, and may not reflect the requirements of the Ministry for services now or in the future. The Ministry’s use of Services is largely determined by inherently unpredictable factors (i.e., location and severity of forest fires).


Description of Deliverables

The contemplated contracts will be for the provision of five (5) medium Helicopters for three (3) fire seasons commencing April 1, 2008 and terminating October 31, 2010, with specified annual Operating periods as set out in the Agreement. The Deliverables include:


(a) the provision and basing (including Positioning and Depositioning) of the Helicopters during the Operating Period for the exclusive use of the Ministry (in consideration of the Annual Basing Fee);


(B) the in-flight Helicopter Services (in consideration of the Hourly Flight Rate in respect thereof); and


© Other Services, where required by the Ministry (in consideration of the Hourly Flight Rate in respect thereof).


The Helicopters will usually be located at the Ministry’s Main Bases (see Section 2.4 of this RFT). A provincial map showing the geographical boundaries, administrative regions and locations of Main Bases is included as Appendix H.


The administrative and operational management of the Helicopter contracts is carried out by two (2) Regional Fire Centres (Dryden and Sudbury);











Client Agency

Name Fred Pedosiuk, Procurement Advisor

Address 300 Water Street

3rd, Floor North Tower

City Peterborough

State / Province ON

Postal Code K9J 8M5

Phone (000)000-0000x000

Fax (705)755-5111

Email Fred.Pedosiuk@ontario.ca

Website URL

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