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Good Books To Own?


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Hello again...


Time to spend some Christmas money. :D


What books or reference materials should every aspiring helicopter pilot own? I've searched the forums, and I have a few ideas (such as Phil Croucher's work), but I'd love to hear thoughts from all of you.




Darren in Invermere

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Here's what I've read in preparation for flight training.


From The Ground Up / Sandy MacDonald

Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies / Phil Croucher

Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots / Greg Whyte

Jet engines : fundamentals of theory, design, and operation / Klaus Huenecke

Rotorcraft Flying Handbook / FAA

The art and science of flying helicopters / Shawn Coyle



Here's what I've read so I know what all the old salts mean when they say 'well back when Alf and Carl ran the show...'.


Helicopters : The British Columbia story / Peter Corley-Smith

Helicopters in the high country : 40 years of mountain flying / Peter Corley-Smith

10,000 hours : a helicopter pilot in the North / Peter Corley-Smith



Here's what I've read for fun.


Chickenhawk / Robert Mason

Heart of the storm : my adventures as a helicopter rescue pilot and commander / Edward Fleming



I've heard good things about the Wagtendonk book and is next on my list.

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so far my collection consists of the following


Professional Helicopter Pilot Studies/Phil Croucher

Rotorcraft Flying Handbook/FAA

Aviation Weather/FAA

Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook/FAA


269/300CB-Cbi series Information manual/Helicopters Only

Chickenhawk/Robert Mason

Chickenhawk; back in the world/Robert Mason

Fatal Traps/Greg Whyte

Air America/Christopher Robbins


Also read Robert's Ridge


it look as tho I need to add C & C to my collection :wacko:

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Well, I've just ordered the first one...


Phil Croucher's Professonal Helicopter Pilot Studies.


Fatal Traps for Helicopter Pilots will probably come next (as I save my pennies), followed by Cyclic and Collective.


I'll start collecting the rest over the next few months. I'll also be in touch with the schools I'm interested in (currently awaiting a reply...) to see what text materials they use.


Thanks everyone!!


Happy New Year, B)




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