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Good Books To Own?


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Ive been trying to get my hands on phils book here but money is VERY tight so Im opting to send a buddy a starbucks gift card and see what shows up in the mail haha. (well talk later Matt)


Kyle, the amount of material youve read befor going in will help you alot, take notes everyone else! Im just doing some prep right now for my exam (which is coming up really fast might I add) and wish I would have had Phil's book befor hand. Theres some pretty critical errors in Culhane that have come up a few times.




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Good books?


How about "Artful Flying" by...um, me? It's a very different take on "WHY" not "HOW."


Not heli-specific, but the song's much better.







Michael Maya Charles

Contributing Editor

Vertical Magazine


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Talk about a non-subtle and shameless plug! :lol:Just razzin' you, MMC!





My banker made me do it!


Ever see a stack of unsold books in your own hangar? It's not a pretty sight.....








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Consider me interested. I just need to diligently save my pennies for all of this great reading - your book included.


Thanks for the heads up!



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Daz, a lot of these books are available at the public library. For books on aerodynamics, go to the university or college. If you're alumni, you still might have full library access which usually includes inter-library loan.


If a library doesn't have a book, you can always request that they acquire it too

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Nice book to read (not for flight training): "Pilote d'helicoptere" de J.-P. Otelli. (In french, sorry). A part of Georges Doat's life (from 1968 to 1977). I hope J.-P. Otelli is going to write more about his story.

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