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Is It Fraud?


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To the chairman - just calling it as I've seen it, needn't get hot under the collar. In my post I hope that people saw that I was shaming the insurance folks! I think all of us in the business have seen or heard alot of things that "aren't the way it should be".


Broke - what can I say to ya? The fact that I've left one company for another to gain some different experience troubles you? My business, nobody elses. You make it sound like I was fired or something! Couldn't be farther from the truth.


As for the bald / fat thing - whatever dude....

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Guest bag swinnger

Hey T5 I have got to agree with you on this one, having witnessed some pretty similar stuff. and not been to happy about it. I am having a hard time seeing why others are so displeased with what you are saying

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If some CP or Ops Manager doesn't know how to use a telephone, then I'd suggest THEY are the ones that should be looking for a job. If they can't operate a telephone, then what in the **** are they doing giving a check ride and pretending they know how to operate an aircraft. If the aircraft doesn't exist anymore, then the experience has to be confirmed otherwise. All the people employed with past said company have not also disappeared or ceased to exist. If all that fails, then the experience doesn't count. If it's that long ago, then the person has been around the industry long enough that their flying abilities and reputation are known. Checking up on Blackmac would be like confirming Brendan Shanahan knows how to play hockey. I wouldn't give a "crap" what he got in his log book. He could keep it all in a scribbler for all I care. Who says it has to be in a fancy, gold-lettered, hard covered form?


The new guys? it's always been tough for them. At one time customers could be told almost anything about a pilot's experience. That was surely true of pilots going Arctic-bound. Ditto for Forestry and Hydro. Those days are gone forever and now many customers or their representatives know more about where a torque guage should be than the pilot sometimes. Insurance companies have also tightened up and they were tight to begin with. It's a sign of the modern times guys and I don't envy one person out there that has to fight this. It's designed to prevent accidents and companies/customers behinds, but unfortunately it doesn't separate "the wheat from the chaff" all the time. There's two falacies in this aviation business and they are that ALL low timers can't necessarily fly because of lack of experience. The other falacy has already been alluded to by Blackmac.........that ALL experienced pilots do know how to fly.

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