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Moose Fight Back


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It doesn't always go in one direction!



Rotorcraft Report: Moose, Helicopter Confront One Another



An MD-500 chartered by the Alaska Fish and Game Dept. was charged, struck, and disabled by a full-grown, 800-lb moose March 3. It happened in the wilderness region of Gustavus, about 50 mi west of Juneau, the state capital.


According to Doug Larsen, a regional supervisor for the Wildlife Conservation Div., the helicopter and pilot had been contracted from Juneau-based Temsco Helicopters to assist in a study of moose migration. "Our purpose was to recapture a tagged moose," said Larsen, who described it as a routine procedure meant to track migration, herd condition and other factors critical to the survival of the species. Once recaptured, the biologist was to gather information on the animal’s condition, then release it. Only something went wrong.


After being shot with a tranquilizer fired from a rifle, the moose, who had not yet felt the full effects of the drug, grew agitated at the helicopter, which had remained low in order to coax it into open land. Without warning, the moose charged the aircraft and struck it, causing moderate damage to the tail rotor. The pilot and biologist were not injured, but the female moose was seriously injured.


"The animal’s jaw was nearly severed," explained Larsen. "It’s unfortunate, but we had no choice but to euthanize it on the scene."


Temsco Helicopters said the damage is still being assessed, but so far, it appears to be confined to the tail rotor blades.

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I flew some moose surveys in the Wawa area in the early eighties in a Bell 47, quite a few of those large males would turn towards the helicopter, stomp their hoof, shake it's head at us, charge...


I'd hate to think the damage one would do if we were ever forced to land nearby.

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Novel way to trap a moose!



Moose caught in power lines






FAIRBANKS - A bull moose was suspended 50 feet in the air after its antlers became tangled in a power line under construction southeast of Fairbanks.


The incident happened on October 5 on the Pogo Mine Road. The moose apparently became tangled in electrical wires while the line, under construction to the Teck Pogo gold mine about 80 miles southeast of Fairbanks, was close to the ground.


Workers noticed something wrong after tightening the line, and backtracked to find the moose hanging by its antlers.


The moose was alive when it was lowered to the ground, but Department of Fish and Game officials decided to kill it rather than tranquilize it before removing the wires.


Officials say they were worried the stressed moose would die and the drugged meat would not be salvageable.


The moose may have weighed as much as 1,200 pounds. The workers believe the moose may have come across the sagging and swaying wires and decided to challenge the power line to a fight, as bull moose are known to do during the rut, or mating season.


"My guess is he was in full rut and probably seen that line moving out there," and decided to fight, said Marvin Pickens, line construction manager for City Electric in Anchorage.


The moose was likely suspended in the air for only a matter of minutes before workers investigated and found it, Marian said.

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Another moose story


Back in the mid eighties I had two angry MNR fish cops burst into the hanger demanding to see the manager. They accused us of spotting moose from the air and that many hunters where pissed off and where threatening to shoot at the A/C. Being the brave sole I am I explained that I was a simple mechanic and knew nothing of such things and that the base manager would return the next day. They where very insistant and demanded the A/C log book. The journey log clearly showed that the A/C had flown in Manitouadge that morning. After digging up the air bill it, turned out that the neighbouring MNR office had cleverly hired the A/C to do timber cruising on the opening morning of moose season. I still remember the look on the fish cops faces.

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Another moose story


They accused us of spotting moose from the air and that many hunters where pissed off and where threatening to shoot at the A/C.


We had an S61 take some rounds in the tail a number of years ago when the pilots went down to check out all the boats in a harbour near Tuktoyaktuk. Seems it was whale shooting time for the locals and the 61 scared them all away so they only had one thing to shoot at. Didn't hit anything in the a/c and the crews stayed away after that. :wacko:

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I 'heard' from a certain pilot that flies out of Lac LaBiche, that while sitting on the ground waiting for a oil-patch crew to return to the machine, he felt the whole machine SHUDDER. He was curious so got out and had a look. right under the T/R was the end of a Moose's nose...and of course a lot of blood....heading far away from the machine


I can't confirm this....but he said it happened

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