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Paint Jobs-the Good And The Bad

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post-1706-1202668598_thumb.jpgFBVH has a AFS filter set up. No need for the inlet diverter anymore. Only pain is when its snowing that hard you need to cover the one filter that is on top of the doghouse everytime you shut down so it does'nt get covered in snow.post-1706-1202668645_thumb.jpgCould only find this one other picture of the green one.




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Thanks for the help splitpin. Turns out the internet connection that I normally use has been changed so that could have something to do with it but the image resizer certainly couldn't hurt either.


Slightly off topic here but...

heliben, what's the chord measurement for the M/R blades on those 500's? I Googled and searched the MD helicopters website and couldn't find anything. I've always been curious.

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.many years ago there was a bright orange Astar in Alberta.....my faded memory suspects it was Canadian's.........


are you thinking of C-GRGU, OT?? it was stationed at canmore last time i saw it in those colors.. orange and blue still with okanagan on the tail.. they were still across the road from the heliport at that time..

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