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Astar Fx

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unless anything has changed recently in the new year....you'll find out when you send one in for O/H



Gee thanks. :rolleyes: I ask for clarification and you say "you'll find out". I'm assuming you are sending your components to Eurocopter. We don't. We've had no problems. Of course I have no real way of knowing what you are talking about.

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My impression of the Heli-lynx FX2





-big tail rotor, never a bad thing

-Burns a bit less fuel, not as much as advertised though.

-Heli-lynx seems to get the weight down around 2700lbs for the three i've personally flown

-Fast (light weight, plus no cheeks = 130knts)

-Never run out temp or NG yet.

-stump pullers




- crap *** LED gauges Lights only start moving when reaching transient limits.

- TOT moves really, really, fast...... OMG fast. When starting. With proper training no problem.

-Gov's a bit slow, compared to the arriel. Haven't found it to be a huge problem

-2 min cool down

-engine leaks oil

-anti-ice valve stc issues. Soloy no anti-ice valve needed. Heli-lynx required. Problem, air filters hits it. Supposed to be redesigned soon.

-smaller tail boom compartment. Breaker relocation



As for the maintenance stuff. Not being a AME, it don't fell i could comment on them.




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As and engineer on the FX series and on the Soloy mod, i think i can put a different spin on it. I personally don't have much time on the Arriel 1D1, but i have been on the 2B1 for a bit now. I would much rather maintain a LTS101 than the Arriel. I have had no problems with the LTS's. Compressor wash are very important for the LTS's. Should be done atleast every 100 hrs. But there are 2 things i do not like about the LTS's. One is the fuel pump spline insp. every 300 or 600 hrs, depending on your mod status and two pulling the engine through shaft every 500 hrs. Other than that they are great. I have been with them as far north as Points North Saskatchewan and far south as Arizona and Nevada. Down south they were temping out by 3:00 in the afternoon, but most things will when it is 40 deg outside at 6000 feet. Hope my vies help.



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Here's the jist of it:

The FX conversion does two things for your Astar: It converts it to the LTS 101 Engine and it rids your airframe of all the old wiring, master electrical box and switch panel (i.e. typical problem areas on older airframes). The gross weights for the FX2 are exactly the same as the B2. In other words, the FX kit converts ANY astar airframe into a "B2 with an LTS 101" engine.


Immediate advantages are much lower engine operating cost (wait until your Arriel 1D1 is cycled out from all the seismic and tree planting and you'll see what I mean!!). Also, no more running out of NG when working at altitude. Another advantage has been symplified electric systems. Our first FX has been working steady since the conversion and has not had one electrical problem (knock on wood!!).

One disadvantage is because of the reliability of the systems, we don't encounter electrical snags like we did before the conversion so we're not familiar with the FX systems yet. That is, however, a trade off we're willing make.


I think it's also important to note that the service from Heli-lynx has been excellent so far. This says a lot considering what's going on in this industry these days.


So you can give Eurocopter your $300 000 deposit and wait 2 to 3 years for delivery of your B2 aircraft. Make sure you have your heart medication handy when the engine is due for overhaul by the way.


Or, you can take your used B, D, BA etc and spend approx. half to three quarters of a million to convert it and six month later, you have your B2 except its better because it's an FX, it has better performance and it's cheaper to operate. Of course, you don't get the two year warranty that comes with the new B2. (That being said, calculate how much it cost you to put your down payment in Eurocopter's bank account for 2 to 3 years collecting no interest and compare that to how much money a new a/c warranty will actually save you....hmmmmmm.........interesting.......)


As far as the pilot is concerned, ours have yet to complain about the gauges. I imagine it's probably because they're too happy flying an aicraft with tons of power......


The Soloy conversion is also great if your airframe is newer and is not plagued with electrical snags..............yet.


Clear as mud?

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