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Amphibian Helicopters!

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In a past Job with an an unnamed euoropean Helicopter manufacturer. I recall on early VIP customer for a B3 ( I think) who wanted fixed floats and atttchment points for a trolling motor so he could taxi his helicopter to his wharf. Apical made ( not sure if still in the Catalog ).

The pop out floats were also certified for take off after ditching , although the video i saw had the helicopter making a complete 360 on the water before the TR kicked in.

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Thanks all! I know I am reaching, but I do like the idea of landing on water. So if operating in Bush say Northern & Wastern Maine need a 300nm range and at least seat 6 :rolleyes:



A Bell 206L on floats would give you 6+1 seating, but for 300NM range you'd need a Sea King :lol: ...

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it's unnerving starting up on water....I absolutely hate it.....I'll buy a boat if i want to go out on the water...leave the helicopters on dry land where they belong.....parked nicely on the beach.


I've done on-water startups and shutdowns in training only, on a perfectly smooth lake, far far away from shore. In real ops, I've never done such foolishness. Always stop the machine with either one float or the toes on solid ground. Looking for all kinds of trouble otherwise... :mellow:

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