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2 Bits Or A Buck Fifty? How About 5 Bucks

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Having had some time to read the mud you fellas have been slinging at a person that I have had the pleasure of knowing for 18 years, 11000+ hrs and working with for most of that time. I feel that maybe it is time to throw out a couple of bucks. I am in agreement with Wendell I have never hid behind a handle. Let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Rob Gourlay. It doesn't mean jack to anyone but me and the guys that I have had the pleasure to fly with but I had to say it.


One of the biggest things that young Cole may learn from this exercise is to shut his mouth ( I hope he doesn't), not ask a senior pilot for his opinion or just plainly, quit, hide in a corner in the fetal position and suck his thumb. I know we don't want any of these options do we. So I feel I should say that for Cole to give the play by play of his experiences is quite brave especially in a world of hero's and perfect pilots like ALL of us. Do you guys remember this is an industry very famous for not telling the new guy how to do something or giving any hints on what to expect. For fear of maybe they might catch on quicker than we did or the customer likes them better than they do us.


Now, The last time I checked KVH is the one that is responsible for there students, Insurance, and taking students to a level of flying and book smarts to meet the Commercial written and Flight test for a Canadian pilot. All under the watchful eye of Transport Canada. I remember my first flight with this said instructor. I also remember lots of his bitching and corrections ringing through my ears as I was thinking "should try to do a task as a pilot later in life". I feel that you have beat this topic to death. It's time to get onto bigger fish. Cole still needs to get finished, find a job, then through excellent work habits and his new found butt kissing abilities start to impress the training pilot. Get the check ride done, kiss more butt, sweep the floor, mop the toilet where all the high timers pee ( hope they had time training in flight school or were at least introduced to it in recurrent training somewhere along the line) deliver fuel, hook loads in the swamp, Fix all the items the pro's never break while working it. Then build some time flying so he can get the required hours to finally be blessed to fly a passenger with and for money.


I bet not all students at KVH get to long line at the same time as Cole. I would not have a Problem going for a ride with any student that has Graduated from Wendell's School without duels. That's more than what I can say for some of the fellas that I have had the pleasure to jump in for a ride with to a service landing, look at a cut block, or pads with duels and without the extra sticks.


Now if you want to rant on something let's rant on wages, better accommodations or not sitting in the swamp all day for that .5 when town is .3 and a radio shot away.


Or just sit back and think if Cole can do it maybe I can too.


He is buying a license to learn. If you really want to see what he was able to learn give him a fair ride see how his attitude is in person, then judge.


"The day you say you have it dialed is the day it's going to bite you in the #%$"


Blah Blah Blah





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Excellent post! Above. :punk:


I was thinking for a while he should have just kept his mouth shut like I was taught, but why should he?

Good on ya Cole, keep it up!


Have to agree, .5 to sit in a swamp in AB, in 30+ temp, fighting off the bugs, ready to scramble at the first sign of a CB...retarded! Compared to when you sit in BC on 15min or so get away, with your feet up in a cool house, watching movies, its drier and hotter.... go figure?


There you go, off topic, but thats my rant for the day.



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Ahhh, this makes a bit more sense now. If you're a student of Wendell's then you know exactly what I'm going through.


And that does make your handle sound a little more truthful. When did you train with Wendell?




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