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Economic Outlook


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Seismic is supposed to busy this winter. I know that Veritas will be running 10 crews through some of the winter which is more than they usually do and they are bring guys from the states to help out. My neighbor is project manager for a seismic company and he mentioned that everybody that he knew in the industry said they were very busy this winter. Some drill companies have gone from flying the drills to using track drills as all their work is accessible by the vehicles.

I think we have been very fortunate with the industry over the last few years with the amount of work we have had. I don't think that we will all be sitting on our ***** this winter, but I reckon that the diamond drill and seismic areas will be the most active.

Hopefully we can all make our pennies this winter and no-one has to sit at home.



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Industry is collapsing on a worldwide basis! Things are looking pretty bad, and we havent even hit the bottom yet. I know I wont be hanging around for the summer to catch the scraps of work - time to move somewhere more prosperous.


On the bright side, these things are always cyclical - it will bounce back in a couple of years.

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Guest Angry Egg Driver
Industry is collapsing on a worldwide basis!


Just curious.If things are collapsing on a worldwide basis,where are you going to go that things are more prosperous? :rolleyes:

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Think GOLD with the US set to print the money required to fund their massive bailout efforts the inflationary pressure on the greenback will be huge in 09. possibly taking their dollar to near collapse in terms of its exchange value.


Proof of this can be found by the various mints around the world now refusing to sell gold coinage to the public (apparnetly supply does not equal demand) So much for the Fiat system!!


Watch for gold related stocks to improve especially some ETF's.


And if you wanna buy a bridge well let me know...

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Not too long ago everyone was bitchin about all the foriegn pilots, now we are all going to starve to death.


This industry has been on a constant cycle since it began. The last few years have been total gravy, a little down turn would do it some good, a correction in the market keeps an economy healthy in the long run.


Think of it this way, if a forest doesn't burn it never has a chance to regrow and if you never have a bad day, you wouldn't know what a good one was.


Things are fine, a new US government will help. The world is still evolving, and the only constant in life, is change!! Work hard, dont let pride get in your way, and you'll always have work. I remember not too long ago, someone saying, !@#$ the operators, show me the money!!!! I guess you'll have to show them the work first.





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