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Economic Outlook


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I'm thankful that the company I am with has kept me on salary just in case they can pick up some drill work, but I haven't turned a blade for 4 months.


I'm just enjoying the time with my family and keeping an optimistic view on things.


I have been tempted to drop off a resume' to Starbucks though... Mmmmm coffee. :P

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The out look is not good. I know a guy who just saw the bank take his house as he watched the foriegn permit holders keep their jobs cause they work cheap. I also heard through a friend of friend that really well known pilot had to be hospitalized for heart troubles and he aint old and has put up with enough bull shitt for all of us. Can't wait to hear the happy news for next week.


Great Slave has almost 100 guys out of work, and the list goes on.

Lots of pilots with 5000+ hours.and no work or the forseable future. It's the worst I have ever seen the business. Tell ya when times get tough companies true colors come out.


Makes me want to puke.!!




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I was talking to someone (in the know zone) in the auto industry, they are thinking this whole economic turn down is going to last 10 to 15 years world wide.


10-15 years? I assume this someone "in the know" in the "auto industry" is also saying how badly they need money..our money...to keep afloat! :lol:


World wide? I think China and India will do just fine...especially when the moronic environmentalists and global warming and climate change extremists get their way and make it economically impossible to do business in North America.


Now, back to helicopters....



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