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Bell Getting Out Of 206 Business?!

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From the early beginning on, the R66 was called the "JetRanger killer"...

As mentioned in the press release not only the B 206 and the 210 production will be terminated also the 427 and the 430.


Will they bring any new helicopters on the market in the near future besides the 429?




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There will be new models based on the 429 airframe. Lighter (single engine) and heavier versions.

Also heard rumours of a new medium to possibly replace the 205/210/212/412 airframe.


Don't think we'll see any more two bladed models comming from Bell.

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When Eurochopper launched the EC120 they stopped the 350BA as they did not want " internal" competition between models. Is the re engined 407 still being developed ?.I guess they must have got a smaller stand at HAI that won't fit too many models . Is it significant the the 609 is not mentioned in the release ?.

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609 is still awhile from production. I think the 407X was the designation for the more powerful one and I believe its not long in development. As much as I hate to see the old jetbuggy's time come to an end I think if they did this awhile ago there would have been fewer new astars ripping arround and more 407s. People just dont want to wait 2 years for their machine.

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