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What To Buy, How To Find?

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Besides the Taylorcraft and Champ, another cheap option would be an Ercoupe. And if you are patient, you might be able to get a deal on a C-120 or C-140.


BTW I don't see "OurPlane" as the best option for someone looking for an inexpensive timebuilder. It does have some advantages that would appeal to people in different situations, though.

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Privately registered small aircraft engines do not have a TBO any more, so they do not have to go on condition. Check CAR 625 appendix C.

"No hard time, including calendar time, between overhauls need be observed in the case of small aircraft reciprocating engines in non-commercial private operation."


When they start to get that much time on them I would be leary of them. Mainly because you don't know the history of this airplane engine.


My cessna 140 had only 800 hrs on the engine when I bought it. I decided to pull off a jug and check for corrosion. I ended up sending the bottom end of the engine for repair. Scored crankshaft, flat cam lobes, etc.


Anyway, hope this helps you out some. :)

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