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Calgary Training Accident


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Widgeon. It's a BA+. Same as a BA just with a Lycoming engine. Don't think there very common....



The BA+ has the LTS-101-600, like the Soloy SuperD, but the airframe is rated to (if my memory is any good) 4959lbs internal and external. Thus the "+". The BA+ was an STC conversion kit made by an outfit in Dorval. Can't remember the exact name, but I think it was Apex or something to that effect. Someone with access to a BA+ POH could tell you from the STC papers.


CHL, Abitibi and the CtoC group have several of these machines. It's like a BA on steroids, with the same drawbacks as the SuperD (oil all over the place, FCU slower to react than on Arriel, etc.).

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CADORS Number: 2008C0326 Reporting Region: Prairie & Northern


Occurrence InformationOccurrence Type: Incident Occurrence Date: 2008/01/30

Occurrence Time: 2327 Z Day Or Night: day-time

Fatalities: 0 Injuries: 0


Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYBW Aerodrome Name: Springbank

Occurrence Location: Springbank (CYBW) Province: Alberta

Country: CANADA World Area: North America


Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 89881-V1

TSB Class Of Investigation: TSB Occurrence No.:

Event InformationCollision with terrain

Aircraft InformationFlight #:

Aircraft Category: Helicopter Country of Registration: CANADA


Year Built: 1982 Amateur Built: No

Engine Make: AVCO LYCOMING Engine Model: LTS-101-600A-3A

Engine Type: Turbo shaft Gear Type: Land

Phase of Flight: Descent Damage: Unknown


Operator Type: Commercial


Detail InformationUser Name: Beauchamp, Carol

Date: 2008/01/31

Further Action Required: Yes

O.P.I.: Commercial & Business Aviation

Narrative: While conducting local training the aircraft did a stop and go and when about 50' in the air did a 360 degree turn and then went sideways into the ground.


Please note that for the most part, CADORS reports contain preliminary, unconfirmed data which can be subject to change.



Ah Jeeeez. Just when we getting deep into the joy of rumor,innuendo, hearsay and name calling along comes the King with the facts. Way to screw up a good slanging session Dude.




:punk: :punk:

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Absolutley wannabe...everyone can learn from hearing about an accident and it's causes. But speculating as to a cause does nothing.


I disagree.


Speculating (without prematurely assessing blame or responsability) stimulates discussion on the subject. However, care must be taken not to unjustly accuse the involved parties.


Discussing events is the best way to learn from them. A myriad of potential causes as to effect can be raised and debated with the goal of improving comprehension of risks and helping people prevent more accidents.


One of the key goals of SMS is to avoid hiding or obscuring safety-related events in order to encourage prevention.


I'll admit that if I were to be personally involved in an accident or incident, I probably wouldn't be all that entheused with discussing it in an open forum like this. That wouldn't stop people from talking about it though, and I'd be ok with that...

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What you say is true Skidz but these conversations often bring out the armchair TSB investigators who prematurely lay blame on the driver or the wrench or whatever...this is not fair as permanent damage can be done to one's reputation or that of the company they work for. I think having these conversations on a public forum is a recipe for disaster...they should be kept to the CPs office or hangar. My 2 bits or 5 bucks...whatever the going rate is these days.




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I'm with Skidz on this one...nobody is ever hung for the crime until the brass (TSB) makes their final report. If you think a bunch of yahoos coming to personal conclusions is going to hurt someones career, think again. If the career is in jeopardy,. it's the guy who had the incident in the first place that set that up on his own.


As for keeping it to the hanger.....don't you think this IS the hanger??? what we talk about here is no different that what a small group would discuss by the water cooler....same info, same thoughts, but places like this have the opportunity for much more discussion cover many more angles...the experience garnered here alone can easily double and triple what a small hanger posse can babble about.


Look at your 407 video...you're doing exactly what you're not wanting us to do.....you know you have no other hard evidence other than a fuzzy video of a 407 almost colliding with a cessna, yet you already have him as the star and the cessna in the wrong....got radio transcipts yet to see who was cleared by the tower and who wasn't?

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I'm with Skidz on this one...nobody is ever hung for the crime until the brass (TSB) makes their final report.


Just to clarify, the following statement is on all TSB investigation reports : "The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) investigated this occurrence for the purpose of advancing transportation safety. It is not the function of the Board to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability."


Any head banging would be done by Transport Canada for regulatory infractions or the courts for any liability.

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