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Chc In Chad

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I'm not in Chad but I'm nearby and from what i've heard we only have fixed wing staff in Chad and they safe on a clients compound. I'm not sure if they're flying at all or not though.


I do know that a Bata based fixed wing that is involved with CHC ops has been performing evacuations out of Chad.




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:lol: :lol:

Good one Deuce :up:


Heard from a reliable source that the staff quarters in N'Djamena were completely looted/ransacked. The crew had already, as Snaglepus would say, "exited, stage left" to Kome. You can't say working for CHC doesn't have its challenges :P



I'm on a personal quest to get around the curse word police. It's a sort of hobby.


Really good to hear all bugged out successfully from N'Djemina.

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