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Good job to the driver os this 407.






The incident happened at Bonn Hangelar Airport in Western Germany. Here is a photo of the Bell 407 (N33KC (c/n 53462) http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=1154698&size=L



kind regards,



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:shock: that cessna just carried on through like he was on a sunday drive (didn't even flintch)! i'm guessing both pilots thought the other was going to give way, (momentary lapse of procedure??).

glad to see someone caught glimpse of the other, could've been a real mess.

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Hey Mark,


When I saw your thread this morning, I really really had to sit on my hands not to jab you in the ribs re the accident thread... :lol:


Anyways, just a thought: Doesn't the right of way rule apply to taxiing as well as in the air ? Whether or not you're cleared by tower or ground ATC, shouldn't you yield right of way to an aircraft taxiing and approaching from your right ?


Another though: This 407 driver must be an atpl puke. Who ever uses taxiways on skids anyways ?! :huh: Most airports I fly through they want us rotorheads clear of all runways and taxiways at all times, so straight line from point A to point B I say ... :lol::lol::lol:

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God, us HEPAC guys know what is right, you beat me to it. The pilot of the 407 must be partially blind, the plane is approaching from the drivers side.


And again what the **** was he doing on the taxi way.


Another HEPAC guy.



PS: OK, I apologize to the fixed wing guy, after looking at it for a second time I realized that the fixed wing guy never even saw the helicopter, his view was obstructed by the wing. If you don't believe me go and sit in a cessna 206, 172 etc and see what you can see. I had a Beaver on floats come up under me once in a 206L-1 and he just happened to be of to my right when I decided to go left. Tightens up the vector muscle.



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