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... you beat me to it. The pilot of the 407 must be partially blind, the plane is approaching from the drivers side.


PS: OK, I apologize to the fixed wing guy, after looking at it for a second time I realized that the fixed wing guy never even saw the helicopter, his view was obstructed by the wing. If you don't believe me go and sit in a cessna 206, 172 etc and see what you can see. ...


You beat me to it with the view/wing obstruction.


Another factor (a factor-not an excuse) might be the sun. Judging by the shadow of the Bell, the Cessna was approaching from the direction of the sun.

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Okay here are some points to ponder



1 Jan implies in reply #3 that the incident was in Bonn Germany


2 So if this is the case was ATC involved? and in what language ( English/German) and where both pilots aware of the local traffic?

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