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For their efforts in the dramatic April 17 rescue this year of an overturned boat belonging to the Peel Regional Police Marine Unit, three civilians — Elizabeth Cote, Robert Hargraves and Mike O'Drowsky (the latter two were working for Global News and used their chopper to help out) — received community member awards, and constables Paul Hanton and Ron Deli were recognized with a teamwork commendation award.

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Well done Global crew.


Let's also note the decoration of Corporal Jennings last week by the Governor General.

........from the GG's website....


RCMP Corporal Dwayne Harlem Jennings, M.S.M.,

Vancouver, B. C.

Meritorious Service Medal (civil division)


During a severe snowstorm on November 5, 2001, helicopter pilot Dwayne Jennings assisted a police crew stranded on a rugged mountainside following a manhunt in the Hemlock Valley area of British Columbia. In spite of the extreme weather conditions, Cpl Jennings volunteered to transport a search team to rescue his comrades. After locating them, Cpl Jennings managed to skilfully land the helicopter on the tip of one skid and repeat this tricky manoeuvre three times, in order to offload personnel and supplies. The rescue team was then able to exit the craft and return safely with the victims.


Nice medal. I bet that looks good hanging on the B3's dash.

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In the Newspaper article about this award, Corporal Jennings seemed rather sheepish ( if we dare use that word on this site) about getting the medal, and said something about 'taking one for the team'.

Hopefully that team includes you and me. Someone on the team should get recognition for the extra effort that pilots go to at times. I'm glad someone nominated him, and respect his efforts. Well done Dwayne.


What would you do Putz ? Decline the medal ? Like you say, just wondering.

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If the guy looked sheepish that's just the behaviour of a true hero, being humble.


Of course one should simply accept the award with a simple thank you. The other comments on the deeds pilots do so often is also valid but one must think of context. It's not so much the manouvre but where and how it has to be done and under what conditions and constraints. The fact that someone get recognition for a great deed is fantastic as we (Canadians) are so **** reluctant to acknowledge heroic acts.


Simply said, he deserved it and many many more of you deserve recognition for things you do on a nearly daily basis but you rarely get it. So when one of us gets a little pat on the back then I say we can all join in and say atta boy and be supportive of one another.


Fly safe, keep the flippy parts pointin' skyward and the skids or wheels to the dirt.

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re Cpl Jennings...


A fine line indeed. As an EMS pilot, I often have discussions with some of my co-workers regarding our role...


... but I think it important to note: The Canadian military and the Coast Guard are probable the only RESCUE pilots in the country..for the rest of us, do the math:


Don't risk 3 lives to maybe save one.



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The problem with that attitude is that when you make the wrong choice, more people die.


You, as the pilot, are supposed to know what the rules say, and the rules are there to keep you from killing more innocent people. It's one thing to put yourself at risk, and another to risk people's lives who don't understand the danger.

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actually, mag, wasn't that the coast guard boys in that sit?? :mellow:


when i was an active paramedic, i suffered from an extreme case of "protectus thy buttus"... i could not help anyone if i became a victim myself... so i learned to look at all situations before i went in...


i'm sure that dwayne looked at all the parameters and decided it was a mission he could complete.. that he gets a medal for it is cool...

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