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Guest Camel Jockey

To beat an already dead horse.


I think I read the same story everyone else did and it seems to me that Dwayne Jennings made some sound decisions that day and doesn’t deserve some of the shots he’s taken in this thread. The story clearly stated that they stayed on the ground when the weather was un-flyable and he dropped a crew in to cut out a pad instead of risking a toe in to pick up the victims. We all know how quickly weather can change on the coast, opportunities arise, and choosing a pad over a toe in while picking up two hypothermic victims and a German Shepherd sounds like a smart idea to me. I take issue with a couple of posts here particularly the one mentioning how he was probably afraid he would be violated or how it sounded like a typical day of skiing or moving geologists around. A bit of a different situation here gentlemen so unless you were standing beside him on Hemlock that day I suggest you keep your second guessing to yourselves and congratulate the guy on a job well done. If you think you deserve medals for dropping a group of rich Austrians off on the top of a run or saving a geologist a long walk then send me a name and address and I’ll try and whip something up out in the shop.


And just so nobody goes off half cocked….I’ve known Dwayne for 7 years and worked with him for 3 of them before he returned to fly for the RCMP. He’s a good friend of mine which is probably a big reason I take offense to those particular posts but mostly because I talked to him the night it happened and the story has come up on more than one occasion. No I wasn’t standing beside him on the hill that afternoon but I certainly have better information than some of those who shared their opinions.


Being good friends aside, he weighed the risks, made his decisions and 3 RCMP officers are alive today because of his actions. He deserves the recognition.

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Sometimes we get away from the whole idea of the subject. Which was to congratulate those crews that have gone above and beyond.


There are some guys and gals out there that have done some heroic flying and have not been recognized for it. But that’s life. I'm sure when the call comes to one of us, we won't hesitate to do what we can. So lets not knock those that have.



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