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Helicopters At Work Calendar

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Here is a Xmas incentive. Add your christmas greetings to the Christmas Greetings thread (not this one) and receive a freebie 2004 Helicopters at Work calendar.


Just make your post and send me a PM with name and postal address and will send one off for you. This years one is a goodie :up:


Mike and Kyle, make your post and get one too (if you want one). ;)


Heli Ops

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Thanks guys and this years one has a new design so we have one large image on the top in horizontal format and a large vertical format image on the bottom page as well so twice as many images as last year.




Heli Ops


P.S. All calendars will be airmailed out on Monday.

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Guest bag swinnger

Heli ops I sure hope you dont have as hard of a time giving away free calendars as you did last year. I seem to remember that there was quite a bit of whinning going on. I sure enjoyed the last one thanks again. :up:

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bag swinner I don't remember any whinning about last years calander, all I remember were a few jokes at Heli ops ( at that time known as ALL BLACKS) expense about a few glitches that were missed by the proof reader.


P.S the 2003 calendar was great and I expect the 2004 to be even better.


Cheers and seasons greatings from "Graceland"




:elvis: :elvis:

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