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Air Ambulance Crashes In Temagami

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****, this really hits home having worked out of YSB with all those guys from 2000 to 2002. A bunch of super professional guys, Lee, Randy, Andy, Alex, Phil, Jean Luc, Slyvain. Hope whom ever was on board please make a full and complete recovery. If anyone would like to PM me ( Walter ) that would be greatly appreciated.

God speed boys and keep the right side up.


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Bad news indeed.

It brings a chill to your heart to see the post of an accident especially when it may involve friends.

I am overjoyed that the injuries are non-life threatening but wish there had been none at all.


It has been years since I worked for the Ambulance out of Sudbury. It was during the 212 Daze. All the same it hits home.


I, too, hope that everyone recovers quickly and wish them all the best.

They are a great bunch.


Kudos to the company for being so forthright.

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0100 Sun Feb 10


The medical prognosis on the four crew members is guarded optimism. While 3 of the 4 remain in hospital, it is fair to say that the outlook is positive.


Preliminary indications from statements by the crew is that the aircraft was on profile for an arrival at the pad and suffered some form of a power loss or power reduction on short final. The cause of this situation is being pursued.


TSB has assumed control of the investigation and the aircraft is expected to be recovered and transported to a hangar facility for further study on Monday. Sikorsky aircraft has made technical expertise available as well.


I appreciate the professionalism of the forum members during this difficult time. I expect to have permission to release names later today. I will answer direct queries via PM if you have a concern about a specific individual.


Walter Heneghan

CHL EMS Safety

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Bravo Walter, the best way to quell the inevitable ugly rumor mill is with ..... the facts !


I wish that more companies had the foresight and guts to post as you did.


I sincerely hope that everyone involved has a speedy recovery.




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Update: Sunday 1400 EST


I have received permission from the pilots to release their names and medical situation:


PIC: Greg Harper

FO: Michael Bain


Greg sustained injuries typical of a helicopter crash, with a slight concussion, several broken ribs and a collapsed lung. His prognosis is good. He is recovering in hospital in Sudbury.


Michael suffered the most severe injuries with a broken back and a crushed verterbrae. After undergoing 6 hrs of surgery yesterday, he awoke this morning with full movement, was able to sit up in his hospital bed and even went for a walk down the hallway to see his wife and 11 month old daughter. He remains in the ICU in Toronto Sunnybrook Hospital.


Of the two medics, (whose names I cannot release as they do not work for us), one suffered a broken rib and some general brusing and the other also suffered some spinal injury, (without deficits) and is scheduled to undergo surgery within 48 hrs to remove bone fragments.


All 4 crew members are in good spirits, and given the nature of this accident, all CHL personnel , from the Company President down, are thrilled that the four are expected to make full recoveries. All four crew were wearing helmets.


The aircraft is in the process of being recovered.


The TSB is in control of the investigation and as we learn more, I will certainly share what I can.



The thought of the day is this:


Flying is serious business and can produce severe consequences when a flight does not work out as planned. I for one fully appreciate that it is important for all our crews to consider this truth every single day. I am so pleased that our crew appears to have made it through this event with a minimum of injuries in what can be an unforgiving occupation.


Godspeed to you all.



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What a thrill to read this thread this morning! Everyone pull's for you all for a very speedy recovery, Greg and Michael......walking already with a broken back, no less...my gosh! Just super! Keep it up and get well soon, the others also!


You have done a very good thing here, Mr. H! Hope it sets a precedence, inspiring other operators to post updates so these guys/gals aren't sick with worry when something's gone awry for their associates. Kudos to you!


From someone who once waited a long time for word, many moons ago. ;)

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Excellent News.

My congratulations, CHL EMS Safety, on setting an example as to how to communicate, timely, factual information to the public ( which is what we on this forum are when you get down to it. )

Having seen a photo of the wreck on a news website I am overjoyed that the prognosis for all is so good. I imagine that the responders did very good work to stabilize the injuries before transport. Well done to all.

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