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Air Ambulance Crashes In Temagami

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...... so apart from the original statement from CHL Safety.... nothing more has been said as to what actually happened in this accident... I'm sure there are many 76 drivers like myself that are wondering... we can all learn something from this I am sure, so lets have some news from someone out there! geeze!

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Thanks for the question. This sounds like a line, but, since this is a TSB investigation, there is very little that CHL can say. As of today, there are only theories and we are waiting for Rolls Royce to run the engines and complete their analysis. Also, the TSB engineering folks are trying to retain data from the satellite tracking system as well as confirm the CVR data. This all takes time.


In the meantime, we are doing a review of all aspects of our EMS operation to see if there are any glaring areas where we need improvement.


We don't want to jump the gun on the TSB, nor do we just want to sit around for their report. We have a very safe operation and an excellent record. That means that we are doing lots correctly which is , of course, very good.


We we know and can share, we will.





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Is the S76 model that HeliJet flys for the BC Ambulance Service the same as ORNGE flys?



I pretty sure they are the same, S76A models, but I bet that the ones Ornge fly have heaters up front for their pilots.


Can you believe that, Helijet,s S76,s did not have heaters up front for the pilots until about 3 years ago.

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